Michael Diamond, AKA Keeper Michael

Some say he’s a CIA experiment gone wrong and that he sleeps upside down like a bat. Michael fell in love with torturing people with his schemes and dice many years ago, which he blames on being left to his own devices at a young age. Deep down, he’s here for the story, but enjoys making trouble when he gets a chance to play. Advocate of coffee, and dog lover.

Rina, AKA Storyteller Rina

Rina (she/they) has been playing RPGs since they were 12, when they were introduced to Star Trek Play By Forums on ye olde internet. Since then, they have played D&D, Call of Cthulhu, and various other systems; as a Forever GM, they are thrilled to be in a campaign where they get to have shenanigans and solve the puzzles instead of having to make sure everyone else solves them despite all the shenanigans. In addition to gaming, Rina is a voice actor, writer, aspiring drag king, nerd, and general Chaos Elemental. Their favorite TV series is Star Trek Deep Space Nine, and their cat’s name is Garak, and there’s no possible way those two facts are connected. They have plans for world domination through podcasting, but they’re not ready to talk about that yet.