Player Bios

Morgan aka Lillian Lane

Morgan found the joy in role-playing games a little later in life than others, at the young age of 31, and has continued to not age for the last several years being immortal and all. Morgan immensely enjoys the never-ending journey of improving her role-playing skills and increasing her RPG knowledge. Like most things she does in life, she takes gaming and characters she plays with unabashed enthusiasm. One of her favorite parts of role playing is being able to sprinkle a little of herself into each character, so you’ll find most of her characters are a little sassy and love to laugh.   Outside of the podcast she enjoys spending time with her family which consists of a husband, three kids, and a dog.  She’s pretty sure that at least some or all of them are Cylons, so she is waiting for inevitable invasion to happen. 

James aka Dr. Sigmund Tattenbach

An aspiring voice actor and creative force, I was born and raised a nomad, over most of the Deep South of the US. I am a long-time (20+ years)  tabletop game runner, occasional player and content creator. My graphic design work has been featured on magazines, business and people (all voluntarily, I assure you, dear reader).

The Old Ways Podcast is my first sojourn into the world or podcasting, but I have become taken by the media and the entire process as a whole. I have enjoyed having a useful outlet for the various noises and voices that come out of me on a fairly regular basis.

A poster-child for “focused ADHD”, my specialty areas include; Graphic Design, Writing, 3D work (virtual and printing), Game Design, and any other thing that tickles my curiosity.

My life outside of the podcast is happily spent with my family in South Wisconsin, quietly creating the seething madness that the world so-richly deserves.

Tiffanie aka Meave O’Shea

Tiffanie has been playing games (video or pen and paper) since the young age of 15. She enjoys many game worlds, though this is her first Cthulhu game. She is a traditional artist and loves most things art related. Favorite Artist is Salvador Dali, what that says about her, one can only speculate. Tiffanie also has a huge heart for animals. The ones that currently own her are a black cat named Bagheera, the chonkiest cat to chonk Johnny Blaze and the ever noble best friend a Doberman named D’artagnan.